Monday, December 14, 2009

It (1990)

Tim Curry is such the shit. He is almost always a supporting player, but you always walk away with his performance in mind. Even in fucking Scary Movie 2. But in this his scenes are so much better than the rest of the material it's almost as grimly funny as the bits themselves. The other adult actors are made of cast members of "Night Court," "Three's Company," "WKRP In Cincinnati," "The Waltons," and, seriously, "Smallville." John Ritter is the only highlight, and that's only because his fat childhood counterpart is so likable.

In general, the first half of the miniseries/tv movie that revolves around the children encountering Pennywise is much more intriguing, if only because it's scarier when bad things happen to prepubescents. Plus, a 16 year old Seth Green is "Night Court"'s youthful doppelganger, and he's a great Eddie Haskell ripoff. But even this shit reeks of Stand By Me AND Dreamcatcher, both Stephen King works.

Tim Curry is horrifying as Pennywise. Fear incarnate, especially if you find as clowns as freaky as they fucking are. Worth seeing the movie for...if you can stand Steven King.

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