Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fletch Lives (1989)

Predictably subpar sequel to Chevy Chase's relatively dope 1984 original. It starts well, re-establishing the old quirks and habits that cemented Fletch as Chevy's finest comic creation, but then tanks with the instigation of the banal, poorly thought out, late-80s/early 90's premise: Fletch goes country! Fletch inherits a fucking plantation and fights Hal Halbrook's toxic waste dumping Good Ole Boy. Oh yeah...did I mention it's PG? PG sequels to R rated movies are always Caddyshack II.

This came out the same year as Christmas Vacation, and it's clear at this age that was more Chevy's type of movie. The quick talking, sardonic Fletch came off natural and charming in '84, but here it seems like Chevy's trying way, way too hard to play it cool...much like Clark Griswald. He still nails some gags, including a pratfall with a waterbed that caught me off guard, but the whole endeavor feels like a goddam waste of time. Michael Ritchie couldn't add spice to a contrived script with a barrel of paprika.

Only for fans of Chevy, or hardcore fans of the original. Wish they made that Kevin Smith version of Fletch with Jason Lee. Piss on Harvey.

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