Sunday, December 27, 2009

Finding Nemo (2003)

Pixar has an impeccable track record, and Finding Nemo is no exception. It is a highly entertaining, well thought out story that is very relatable and, at the same time, unique to its aquatic environments. The three main characters are all well developed and well cast, especially Albert Brooks as the determined father, Marlin. The side characters are generally amiable, if not that memorable; the rehabilitated sharks and Willem Dafoe's crafty fish are all that stick out. The humor is efficient, but the sentimental story is mainly on display here; the film's crucial flaw is that its father-son subject matter, however successfully executed, is well explored territory, and lacks the originality of, say Up or Toy Story. Nevertheless, it is as dependably engaging, moving, and entertaining as any of Pixar's other films, and I rate it above Cars and Monsters, Inc. but just under Ratatouille.

Highly recommended for those already taken by Pixar's output. Not for the overly-cynical or those averse to aquatic life. Really cute stuff here.

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