Sunday, June 20, 2010

From Paris With Love (2010)

Stupid, but mildly entertaining buddy flick about an ambassador's assistant and an unhinged psycho American spy tearing up Paris in search of terrorists. Johnathan Rhys-Myers is the assistant, a dork of the McAvoy-Wanted caliber (similarly worthless and boring as well) who has his domesticated, girlfriend-loving world rocked by Travolta's bald badass. It surprises me to say this, but Travolta is really the only reason to see this movie. Luc Besson's script sucks and Pierre Morel stages action boringly for the first time in his career, but seeing Travolta shoot, cuss, and overact his way through this film is a reminder that the Pulp Fiction-Face/Off Travolta's still in there somewhere; honestly, I forgot he was capable of the kind of energy and responsiveness on display here. His look is too much; someone should have told him that he could have the bald head or the garish Chrome Hearts getup, but he couldn't have both. But he still steals the film effortlessly, and if he had the film to back him up the way Liam Neeson had Taken, he'd be back on top of the A-list before you could say "Old Dogs."

Slightly Recommended for Travolta fans or junkies of Besson's Paris-set action flicks. I wouldn't dare compare this to the best of those, especially the other Morel pictures, but it falls roughly into that mold.

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