Tuesday, June 8, 2010

City Of Industry (1997)

Taut, badass thriller involving Harvey Keitel as a thief looking to avenge his betrayed crew (including his brother). Admittedly, the early scenes, with the crew planning and executing a diamond heist, are the most exciting, not only because they distinctly recall Reservoir Dogs, but mostly because of the tangible, charmingly scummy chemistry of Keitel and Timothy Hutton as the two brothers. Once Keitel goes apeshit and starts Charles Bronsoning motherfuckers, the plot settles into more familiar territory, but the terse script, intense direction, and cool cast keep the movie flowing. Aside from Keitel and Hutton, Stephen Dorff, Michael Jai White, and Elliot freaking Gould have fun, lively roles, with only Famke Jannsen (as the requisite damsel in distress) trying, in vain, to ground her character in reality.

Recommended for fans of this sort of mid-'90s thriller, a graciously reference free post-Tarantino crime flick. Plus, Keitel is all sorts of badass, but for those in the know, that's a huge DUHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

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