Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Big Fan (2009)

Intimate, poignant character study of a diehard New York Giants fan who faces his own obsessive habits when he has an unfortunate run-in with the star QB. Patton Oswalt is the fan, Paul, who lives with his mom and works out of a parking garage toll-booth, where he typically spends his evenings coming up with stuff to say on his favorite late-night call-in sports show. He goes to the Giants games, but watches them from the parking lot. His devotion clearly connected with Oswalt's own geekdom, for he plays the role magnificantly, giving Paul a sort of dignity; while others laugh at him, his team is the equivalent of his career, or his family, providing him all the validation he needs as a person. Kevin Corrigan, as his partner-in-crime and loyal friend, is more straightforwardly comical in his dim-bulb idolatry of not only the Giants, but Paul's devotion to them as well. This is a film in the vein of (but not equal to) Observe and Report (which also features Patton), in its focus on character over plot, and the melancholy miseries that plague our everyday lives instead of the joys that interrupt them.

Highly Recommended for fans of smaller, more offbeat comedies and Patton Oswalt. I expect great things of Remy the rat now.

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