Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie (2010)

Funny, if obviously unnecessary feature-length version of the wonderfully tasteless and offensive animated show. The plot relates the projects futility, and concerns itself with the Drawn Together cast investigating its own cancellation. Eventually, they are hunted by a huge android named I.S.R.A.E.L., who fires cannons that erase whole scenes from existence leaving a blank, white page (while dropping lines about how "I.S.R.A.E.L. can't justify its own existence," etc.). The humor is surprising pointed at Jews, and they restrain their buckshot technique and keep the film focused on the Jewish humor; this is one of the films greatest flaws, as one of the main joys of the show was how willing the writers were to actively lampoon any and everything under the sun, not just certain cultural phenoms at a time (like South Park). The other crucial flaw of the film is its reliance on event-based humor, and not on the characters that had been so well-nurtured in its shorter incarnation. While there are character-centric moments and gags throughout, they feel like throwaway gags, and are overshadowed by the increasingly befuddled plot. It begins as a cute conceit, and definitely reaches a meta-apex when the characters, in a life-or-death scenario, wonder the point of the movie's existence at all, but there is no excuse for treating this shit like its funnier than the cast, especially the show's magnum achievement, Captain Hero. Aside from not making him the star of the film, as he was, by the end, obviously the show's lead, making his story a crass, easy, not-really-that-offensive subplot was the stake in the coffin for any classic status they intended for this film. Not to say the film is a humorless bore; these writers would really have to try REALLY fucking hard to be completely unfunny and declawed. But it registers as nothing more than an extended episode (and a weak one at that), which, considering the success of the Family Guy movie which IS an extended episode, is a disappointing way to close out the Drawn Together run.

Slightly Recommended to fans of Drawn Together, or equally crass and offensive humor. South Park and Family Guy fans beware: this is not nearly as topical as SP, and not as ADD and ambivalent as Family Guy.

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