Saturday, April 24, 2010

Meet Wally Sparks (1997)

Dogshit, cheap comedy about a talk show host a la Jerry Springer who begins shooting his riotous show from within the walls of the Governor's mansion...seriously. I hate to fault a plot for the reason of a comedy's failure, but Jesus, watching this movie play just seems sad, like they're not even trying. Rodney Dangerfield plays Wally Sparks like a boring version of himself, but the films few laughs are from lines taken straight from his stage routine (and from a Tony Danza cameo...sigh I can't believe I watched this fucking movie). To impress TV exec Burt Reynolds (again...sigh), he classes up his act by tearing shit up not on his own soundstage, but the house of the conservative, family-values oriented governor. I feel retarded just writing that out. But for those of you who think that's the set up for a laugh riot, well, it isn't. Most of the film is slapstick humor about how Dangerfield's presence turns the mansion upside down; for example, he plays Old Time Rock and Roll while old women in their jammies slide down the hallway on their socks (I'd sigh but there's no air left to sigh out). The funny people, Dangerfield included, just stand on the sideline watching props (and dignity) get destroyed, hoping people will think it's funny (they didn't; this was pretty much DTV).

SKIP IT. This has a very Chairman of the Bored vibe going through it, and it doesn't even have Larry Miller trying to schtupp 60 year old Raquel Welch (which, admittedly, was pretty awesome).

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