Saturday, May 8, 2010

44 Inch Chest (2010)

Stupendously badass, ideally cast chamber piece (har har) about a group of old English cads who take care of one of their own after his wife leaves him. Ray Winstone plays the beleaguered husband, and John Hurt, Tom Wilkinson, Ian McShane, and Stephen Dillane play his friends, who have obviously gone back with Winstone far enough to risk their own life and limb for his mental and physical well being. That's all I'll reveal, but I'll say that fans of high-tension, one location-based dramas should definitely take an interest here; the dialogue, and the magnificent acting, are exceptionally strong, hilarious at points and quite painful in others.

Highly recommended for fans of the cast, or films like Reservoir Dogs or Tape where they seem to never leave one location. I had heard some disparaging things about this one, turns out it was all bullshit. Special props to Hurt for his poison-veined, wiry codger, who gives the marvelous actor his best character in recent memory.

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